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Our Initiatives

Wave Art devotes part of its profits to promoting emerging art, in particular contemporary Chinese art from the post-1970 generation. As a result, our group has developed a collection reflecting this deep and long-standing passion.

It is undeniable that a majority of the most dynamic and stimulating art in the world comes from China. Therefore, our collection contains ambitious works by eminent practitioners such as Liu Wei, Jia AIli, Wang Guangle, and Zhao Zhao.


The scope and depth that characterize their work are also found through some Western artists also represented in our collection such as Christopher Wool, Wade Guyton, Albert Oehlen and Wolfgang Tillmans.

Our advisory board is made up of a panel of collectors and experts. These guide us through our acquisitions and allow us to focus on artists addressing the power dynamics between West and East.

The collection is based in Geneva and can be viewed by appointment all year round.

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