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Our Group

Wave Art is an independent financial group active in property development, construction and private markets.

Co-founded by two brothers, Axel and Victor Harari, Wave Art is an exclusively family business, young and modern, whose ambition is to promote heritage.

Based in Geneva  the group operates all its activities in Switzerland and elsewhere in the world.

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Nos Chiffres-Cles

500 M$

Over 500 million actively managed real estate assets



More than 30 investments in private markets



residential units already built in Switzerland



Present in 6 countries: Switzerland, France, Italy, Portugal, United States and Indonesia

Nos Activites



Real Estate

Wave Art develops new real estate projects, with contemporary and lasting architecture.

The group is also recognized for its ability to create value by maximizing the potential of real estate assets, whether residential, commercial or tourist.

The group has a portfolio of prestigious properties located in exceptional locations such as Geneva, Courchevel, Megève, South Corsica and Paris.



In its quest for excellence and transparency, Wave Art joined forces with other promoters to found Roof, a general and total contractor based in Geneva.

By controlling the construction of its real estate promotions, the group achieves a level of quality unmatched on the market and optimizes the profitability of each operation.

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Private markets

Wave Art is active in the private markets alongside investors who share a common and entrepreneurial vision of wealth management.

The investment approach encompasses four asset classes: real estate, private equity, private debt and infrastructure.

Our optimized processes and systematic due diligence allow us to develop tailor-made solutions to maximize long-term performance potential.

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